The Cultured Guru School of Fermentation

Understand the microbes. Master fermentation.

Even if you tried fermentation before and failed, even if you’re scared of microbes and fermenting at home, I have the skills and education to guide you to understand, embrace and appreciate the microorganisms of fermentation and the powerful foods they help us to create.

a hand placing a fermentation weight into a quart zused mason jar full of baby bok choy

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In-person participants

Taught to hundreds of students in person, Kaitlynn brings her popular fermented foods courses online.

Jennifer person
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This was such a fantastic class! Kaitlynn is a good patient teacher, and I think it's awesome that she not only shows us how to ferment, but also tells us the science behind it!
Darlene person
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I loved this class and I love the yogurt we made. I am continuing to make more and love that the process is so easy and the reward so quick.
Grace person
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Really great class. Enthusiastic instructor with lots of knowledge of fermented foods. I'm in my second batch of yogurt, and I'm determined to make water kefir.
nourish your gut

Empower yourself with
the skills.

Fermented Foods Semester

Enrollment is now open!
Class starts upon enrollment.

This is a science-based, information-packed course that will empower you with the skills to confidently and consistently craft health-promoting, sustainable, affordable fermented foods at home! You’ll learn how to make fermented vegetables, yogurt, miso, tempeh, and sourdough... and how to get it right on the first try!

red water kefir in a chilled glass on a white counter top.

Fermented Drinks Semester

Enrollment is now open!
Class starts upon enrollment.

This is a science-based, information-packed course that will empower you with the skills to confidently and consistently craft sustainable and affordable fermented beverages at home! You’ll learn how to make fermented kombucha, water kefir, milk kefir, vegan milk kefir, and wild fermented drinks.

Enrich Your Ecosystem

Coming soon
This complete step-by-step course will teach you how to use real-food for optimal gut health, metabolism, and vitality. We will cover the foundations of gut health, sourcing the best foods for gut health, the best ways to incorporate making fermented foods into your schedule, cooking nourishing meals with fermented foods, the markers of optimal gut health, and much more!

Science meets simplicity in our courses



two halves of sourdough bread sitting in a white dutch oven.
the experts in food microbiology & fermentation

Meet the team

Natural fermentation precedes human history, we know. Since ancient times, humans have exploited the fermentation process. We think it’s only reasonable that in our modern times, we respect the microbes, and choose to understand them in order to harness fermentation in the healthiest way possible. That’s why we created our School of Fermentation!


I’m a microbiologist (BSc Microbiology, LSU) certified in Food Safety and Preventive Controls. Food microbiology is my jam. I love teaching people how to have a holistic view of the microbial ecosystems that shape our foods, lives and planet.


I am a photographer turned foodie. I create the imagery and manage the tech behind Cultured Guru's School of Fermentation. Through visual representation, I aim to bring understanding to the rarely seen microbial universe we live in.

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It's easy to incorporate fermentation into your life.

Don’t worry, after you finish making your ferments, we have plenty of recipes to help you incorporate them into meals and recipes.

black bean chimmicurri tacos
pink yougurt in a small jar with a sliced strawberry on top
a sliced sourdough sandwich loaf
fresh vegan summer rolls on a white counter
simple summer salad with mangos tomatoes and cucumbers